West Virginians celebrate their 75th anniversary with a second wedding

A West Virginia couple celebrated the 75th anniversary of their wedding by recreating the ceremony, right down to the groom’s World War II uniform.

Ulysses and Lorraine Dawson of Poca said they decided to hold a second wedding to commemorate the 75th anniversary of when they tied the knot.

“I thank God for him. I could never find a better one,” Lorraine Dawson, 92, told WCHS-TV.

The bride wore a white gown for the first time, after having worn a red two-piece suit for her first wedding in 1946, and Ulysses Dawson, 94, dressed in the same World War II uniform he wore during the original ceremony.

“That’s the way we met each other. He was in uniform,” Lorraine said.

The couple said much has changed since their marriage began, but their connection remains strong.

“The knot was tied awful tight. And it’s still holding,” Ulysses said.