NSM Media Sounder-Ident (32317)
NSM Media Sounder-Ident (10117)

Advanced System Care (computer cleaning and tune-up utility
Any Video Converter (video format conversion application)
Archive.org (great utility to trace old webpages and look at a variety of public domain and other-licensed items held by the Library of Congress)
Audacity (audio recording and editing program)
Audionatix (needs citation information)
AVG Free Antivirus
BottledVideo.com (extremely low-cost video footage)
CoolText.com (specialized online font creation utility)
Copyright Issues
Defamation (includes libel and slander
Dogpile (metasearch engine)
Downloadfreesound.com (no permission notice seems to be required)
Fair Use Basics
Free Audio Converter
Free Video Flip and Rotate
Freemusicbeds.com (requires acknowledgment in some form of the music you are using, presumably in the video itself, or at least in the description)
Freesound.org (credits required in some form; see site)
Handbrake (video frames-per-second conversion utility)
Handbook of Journalism
How to Write a Magazine Article
imgflip Meme Generator
Incompetech (credits required as: Song Title, Kevin MacLeod, incompetech.com
Irfanview (image editing program)
KeepVid (video download utility)
Know Your Photographic Rights
Levelator (audio leveling application)
Malwarebytes (antivirus and malware rescue program)
MajorGeeks.com (search engine of tested software)
Newspaper or Magazine: What Kind of Writer are you?
Open Office (substitute for Microsoft Word)
PDF Split and Merge
Proton Mail (encrypted email)
Public Figure
Public Relations
Signal (cellphone data encryption)
SMPTE Color Bars
Spybot Search and Destroy (spyware and malware destroyer and preventative)
Talkers Ten Top Weekly Topics
Technoaxe (recommended by Resistance; actually provides its means to contest YouTube ID Matches!)
The Elements of Style
Tor Browser (for annonymous websurfing)
Video Editors (MajorGeeks)
VideoPad Video Editor
VLC Media Player
YouTube Downloader
(NOTES: We have gotten copyright issues with Saga songs, so until this is fixed between Commander and her producers/label, let's not use her songs. Also, as per Commander, "[do] not to use their music...H8Machine, and...not Bully Boys")
W3Schools (learn HTML code to create websites)

NOTE: Inclusion of any of these products, services, or websites does not imply nor infer their endorsement of NSM or NSM Media, nor vice versa. NSM Media and NSM make no warranties (let alone guarantees) implied nor inferred regarding the goodness-of-fit or the effectiveness of any of these programs. We also accept no liabilities either. Please follow the manufacturers' instructions, your common sense and internet awareness, and be sure to surf the internet to gain a preliminary consensus for any questions you might have about any of these products.


1) These 'professional titles' may or may not coincide and/or entirely reflect with official NSM ranks.
2) Titles are based on generalized and increasing skill-sets used for the position, specific and general contributions, and the sought-for evaluation(s) of peers as well as the director of NSM Media and command-staff.
3) Members of command-staff are automatically accorded the highest, most-relevant rank consideration.
4) This list is not all-inclusive, and may be adjusted, modified, or added to/subtracted from at any time.
5) NSM Media staff volunteers may take up additional duties with the awareness and/or consent of the Director of NSM Media, and command-staff as well (depending on situation).

--Director of NSM Media Appointed by Commander, with input from command-staff AND NSM Media staff, is responsible for the conceptualization, development, planning and execution of NSM Media productions and outlets. Must be able to motivate NSM Media staff volunteers towards personally-optimal performance and personal (media-related) growth -- also responsible for initial and continuing training and development of fellow NSM Media staff and talent (including mediation, as needed). Must have basic/relative mastery of previous grades of NSM Media designations, and be able to assist as necessary. Assists in traffic scheduling as well as recording and evaluating base numeric program/publication/outlet effectiveness deemed relevant. Is required to apprise command-staff of progress of NSM Media staff volunteers for both recognition as well as pre-emptive administrative awareness of any relevant potential issues. Primary point-of-contact for 'greenlighting' projects, or bringing 'gray-area' questions to appropriate NSM Media staff and/or command-staff as situation dictates. May shepherd other duties as needed. Currently held by KJ.

--NSM Media Executive Producer (title reserved as administrative and professional courtesy for top NSM command-staff). Commander, Burt, Harry, Gunner and Resistance currently hold this title.

--NSM Media Producer Pitches, initiates, self-monitors one or more production area). Generally reports directly to Director of NSM Media.

--NSM Media Associate Producer II (Track for NSM Media Producer). Generally reports to an NSM Media Producer. Level II holds more responsibility and expected output than Level I. Katelyn holds this title.

--NSM Media Associate Producer I (Track for NSM Media Producer). Generally reports to an NSM Media Producer. Randy S. from Texas holds this title.

--NSM Media Creative Consultant/Consulting Producer Provides input to a specific (or broad) NSM Media project(s). Polly currently holds this title.

--NSM Field Producer Creates, producers, administrates primarily non-'studio' projects.

--NSM Special Assignment Producer (same as NSM Special Assignment Reporter, but makes some administrative decisions)

--NSM Special Assignment Reporter (limited and negotiated tasks usually pertaining to one event or activity)

--NSM Media Multimedia Producer (same as NSM Media Multimedia Reporter, but also make administrative decisions and enforces self-quality control). Brnadon L. currently holds this title. Cory K. currently holds this title.

--NSM Media Multimedia Reporter Participates in two of three activities - camera operator, sound recordist/event reporter, writer/journalist.

--NSM Media Editor (may include editing of either and/or print or electronic media)

--Host, (insert show name here), NSM Media (besides co-host duties, extensively participates as key player in booking and prepping guests, show promotion, controlling board and show-related technology, dealing with show-specific training and related administrative issues). Norse currently holds this title.

--Co-Host, (insert show name here), NSM Media (interacting with primary host, featured guests, and callers as mutually negotiated -- some pre-show preparation may be situationally required)

--Technical Director/Board Operator, (insert show name here), NSM Media

--Media Analyst II, NSM Media Prior credentials and/or moderate-to-strong aptitude may be required -- provides compelling, yet easy to understand factual and relevant conjecture about topics used in NSM Media outlets -- May be combined with other professional titles. Usually has one primary, plus others of expertise in news analysis. Mike S. currently holds this title.

--Media Analyst I, NSM Media Prior credentials and/or moderate-to-strong aptitude may be required -- provides compelling, yet easy to understand factual and relevant conjecture about topics used in NSM Media outlets -- May be combined with other professional titles.

--Photographer/Videographer, NSM Media (prior credentials and/or moderate-to-strong aptitude may be required)

--Featured Essayist, NSM Media (prior credentials and/or moderate-to-strong aptitude may be required -- focus is intently on one or more subject area(s) -- May be combined with other professional titles.

--NSM Media Researcher (provides general input for hosts and producers; requires strong internet search abilities). Polly currently holds this title.

--Writer, NSM Media (prior credentials and/or moderate-to-strong aptitude may be required)

--NSM Media Voice Talent (provides accurate reading of mostly scripted materials). Polly currently holds this title.

--NSM Media Trainee/Intern (entry-level). Kynan currently holds this title.