NSM Media Sounder-Ident

Open Office (substitute for Microsoft Word)
CoolText.com (specialized online font creation utility)
Irfanview (image editing program)
PDF Split and Merge
Audacity (audio recording and editing program)
Levelator (audio leveling application)
Free Audio Converter
YouTube Downloader
Technoaxe (recommended by Resistance; actually provides its means to contest YouTube ID Matches!)
Freemusicbeds.com (requires acknowledgment in some form of the music you are using, presumably in the video itself, or at least in the description)
Incompetech (credits required as: Song Title, Kevin MacLeod, incompetech.com
Downloadfreesound.com (no permission notice seems to be required)
Freesound.org (credits required in some form; see site)
Audionatix (needs citation information)
(NOTES: We have gotten copyright issues with Saga songs, so until this is fixed between Commander and her producers/label, let's not use her songs. Also, as per Commander, "[do] not to use their music...H8Machine, and...not Bully Boys....")
BottledVideo.com (extremely low-cost video footage)
Handbrake (video frames-per-second conversion utility)
Any Video Converter (video format conversion application)
Free Video Flip and Rotate
VideoPad Video Editor
Windows Movie Maker (NOT the discontinued Microsoft version, but a close copy)
SMPTE Color Bars
VLC Media Player
imgflip Meme Generator
Tor Browser (for annonymous websurfing)
Dogpile (metasearch engine)
MajorGeeks.com (search engine of tested software)
Advanced System Care (computer cleaning and tune-up utility
AVG Free Antivirus
Malwarebytes (antivirus and malware rescue program)
Spybot Search and Destroy (spyware and malware destroyer and preventative)
Trend Microvirus Housecall (emergency online computer anti-malware utility)
W3Schools (learn HTML code to create websites)
Archive.org (great utility to trace old webpages and look at a variety of public domain and other-licensed items held by the Library of Congress)

NOTE: NSM Media and NSM make no warranties (let alone guarantees) implied nor inferred regarding the goodness-of-fit or the effectiveness of any of these programs. We also accept no liabilities either. Please follow the manufacturers' instructions, your common sense and internet awareness, a be sure to surf the internet to gain a preliminary consensus for any questions you might have about any of these products.